Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Grand Budapest Hotel Research

Task 1

Indian Paintbrush is an American production company which is owned by Steven M. Rales. It has funded many Wes Anderson films including 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'.

Fox Searchlight is a subsidiary of 20th Century Fox.

Fox Searchlight produce independent and British films, or films that would not do well if released in the cinema.

England and Germany financed the film on a 50/50 split basis.

Wes Anderson used stop-motion instead of CGI in his film in order to fit with the films' style and to cut costs.

The Grand Budapest Hotel was inspired by the writings of Stefan Sweig.

The film premiered at the 64th annual Berlin Film Festival.

Alexandre Desplat also wrote the score for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 1 and 2) as well as Godzilla.

The Grand Budapest Hotel has won 5 awards including Best Foreign Film.

The film was initially shown in 4 cinemas.

On average it made $200,000 in each cinema.

Having the film released on UltraViolet Blu-Ray enables people to watch the film on many other devices by adding them to your own online library.

Walt Disney do not support the UltraViolet Blu-ray, as well as Apple, Amazon and Google.

UltraViolet Blu Ray received complaints that the films could not be played on any Apple Products. 

Task 1

Edward Norton (Henckles)
Owen Wilson (M.Chuck)
Ralph Feinnes (M. Gustav H)
Tony Revolori (Zero)
Jeff Goldblum (Deputy Kovacs)
Tilda Swinton (Madame D)
Adrien Brody (Dimitri)
Saoirse Ronan (Agatha)
Jason Schwartzman (M.Jean)
Willam Dafoe (Jopling)
Harvey Keitel (Ludwig)
Bill Murray (M.Ivan)
Mathieu Amalric (Serge X)
F. Murray Abraham (Mr. Moustafa)
Lea Seydoux (Clotilde)
Tom Wilkinson (Author)
Bob Balaban (M.Martin)

Task 2

Scouting for the film took place in Central Europe.
Görlitz in Germany was the final location. 
They Filmed on Location.
The production offices were located on the top floor of the hotel.
They built the 60's set first then peeled that away then revealed the 30's set.
The inspiration for the hotel's interior came from from 
There were over 150 extras.

Task 1

1. Selling promotional merchandise was sold on eBay, ranging from moustache cream to bow ties from the film.
2. They toured a large scale model of the hotel to theatres around the world.
3. They created instructional videos detailing how to bake pastries inspired by Mendl's pastries.
4. Due to the success of 'Moonrise Kingdom', younger audiences were attracted to the idea of 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'.
5. The film is accessible to audiences.

Anderson and members of the cast did a Q&A with members of the public whilst on board the QE2 as promotion for the film.
Prada created custom luggage bags to be be used in the film.

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