Monday, 13 October 2014

The Male Gaze

Tyga - Rack City

The music video which I will be analysing is Rack City by the rapper Tyga. I will be looking specifically through the video for parts which identify the male gaze in the media.

What is the male gaze?

The male gaze is the when the audience is put into the perspective of a heterosexual male. Females are over sexualised and they may have certain parts of their bodies emphasised to appeal to these males.

In the video

It does not take long for the male gaze to become apparent in this video. The scene shows Tyga sitting in what appears to be an unlicensed strip club, watching the semi-naked women dance amatively. These woman appear to have above average features which would most certainly appeal to the male gaze. Even though these women are dancing in such a manner in the presence of Tyga, the shot above shows the rapper paying no attention the these women. This could suggest the fact that perhaps he see's many women, and views them as nothing more than ornaments and/or sexual objects.

Just slightly later on in the video, this woman is presented to the viewers. She is shown sitting in a sexual manner on Tyga's motorcycle with very short shorts on. She then glances towards Tyga with a lustful look in her eye, which once again shows her sexualisation in the video. The next shot cuts close up to her, where she is shown seductively sucking on a piece of candy. This could hint at some of the sex acts that she wishes to perform on the rapper, as she views this as 'fun' and 'appealing'. This is once again the male gaze, as the male gaze also refers to the way in which women see a women, and what they deem is attractive for men.

This scene shows another great example of the male gaze. In the scene, Tyga and another man are discussing the whereabouts of the gold which Tyga and his accomplices had stolen. All the while, there is another semi-naked woman playing golf in the background. This could represent the fact that the rapper/all men see women as a 'game' which they can pick up and play whenever they choose to and can then also put down and leave whenever.

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