Thursday, 4 September 2014

A Representation Of Myself

After looking on the Uk Tribes website, i have come to the conclusion that I fit into a mixture of groups, the first being 'skater'. Although I do not actually skateboard I do like a lot of the clothes in the category, wearing brands such as stussy, nike sb and supreme. The skating community also interests me, as I like watching skating videos on youtube and vimeo.

Another tribe which I would loosely associate myself with is 'hipster'. The reason I use the term 'loosely' is because I do not really wear the same clothing as seen in the 'hipster' description, but i do however use a lot of the services that are shown to be used by this tribe. I enjoy reading about the latest styles and outfits on Hypebeast, as well as reading Vice articles. Instagram is also a service which I use regularly.

A celebrity who i personally think dresses in an inspiring way is the rapper Yung Lean. His style consists of some very clean outfits, using only black and white colours but making sure to compliment this with high end brands. He also wears very extravagant clothes, wearing some retro things that most people would usually overlook. His style is very similar to his music, using simple trap/hip hop beats, but using auto tune in a way that is not appealing to some listeners. This gives both his music and his style a very 'futuristic' look.

Although I take some inspiration from the way Yung Lean styles himself, I would not say that I 'fangirl' him. I only ever choose clothes because i personally like them, not because they are what the latest celebrity is wearing.

This is a supreme tee shirt which I own myself.
This is BAPE tee which i think looks good, and would fit the styles/tribes which I have talked about.


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