Sunday, 31 August 2014


5 Artists

1. Yung Lean (Key tracks; KyotoKing Of The DarknessMotorola)
2. BONES (Key tracks; ArtesianWaterLightningCalcium)
3. Mac Miller (Key tracks; Missed CallsInsomniakObjects In The Mirror)
4. Jamie T (Key tracks; Don't You FindCalm Down DearestSticks And Stones)
5. Bonobo (Key tracks; Stay The SameKiaraBlack Sands)

5 Streetwear Brands

1. A Bathing Ape - Founded by NIGO in 1993, based in Japan. (Favourite piece is the shark head hoodie).
2. Supreme - Founded by James Jebbia in 1994, based in New York. (Favourite piece is the taxi driver tee).
3. Stüssy - Founded by Shawn Stüssy in 1980, based in New York. (Favourite piece is the J Dilla tee)
4. Undefeated - Founded by Eddie Cruz in 2002, based in Los Angeles. (Favourite piece is the 5 strike collab tee with FV:XIII)
5. Diamond Supply Co. - Founded by Nick Tershay in1998, based in California. (Favourite piece are the 'Tiffany' dunks)

5 Films

1.Vanilla Sky - Dreaming can be a lot more complicated than you think.
2. Fight Club - I still don't fully understand.
3. Superbad - "I AM MCLOVIN"
4. Sin City - 'Sin' is an understatement for this film. Things i wish i could un-see.
5. Shutter Island - Probably the best ending to any film ever made.

5 TV Shows

1. Fresh Meat - I can't wait to be these people.
2. LOST - I definitely can wait to be these people.
3. Breaking Bad - If you haven't seen this, you probably live in a cave.
4. Numb3rs - Making maths seem easy since 2005.
5. The Inbetweeners - How could it not get a mention?

5 Songs

1. 'How Good It Was' - The Courteeners - "Even if it's over please remember".
2. 'New Soul' - Joey Alan -"Clap clap for the new kid on the block".
3. 'Youth' - Daughter - "If you're in love, then you are the lucky one".
4. 'Lovers' Carvings' - Bibio - "Maybe they're telling us. That the end. Never was. Never will"
5. 'Glowing' - D.A - "Still be glowing. Smiling like we didn't give a damn"

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  1. An eclectic mix Tom.

    You range from mainstream fluff to more challenging texts, ahead of the new year spend some time on cover junkie looking at more esoteric music magazines.


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