Sunday, 14 September 2014

Representation Task

At a first glance, and i'm sure many others can say the same, I thought this man was homeless. His clothes looked tattered, his face unclean and very poorly groomed, and the cigarette in his hand all fit very nicely into the stereotypical image of a homeless man. But, as I looked closer, and examined this man more carefully, my very shallow and ignorant opinion changed. I noticed that his shoes were actually very well kept, and could possibly be Red Wing (a brand which can cost upwards of £200) so that instantly changed my mind. I then noticed the precise rolled up cuffs on his trousers and single button done up on his cardigan. Both of these things show that he is well up to date with fashion. The final thing which I noticed that completely changed my opinion on him, is the posture which he has assumed. It is a very confident way to stand, and definitely not a way in which a homeless man would carry himself. This led me to believe that he could be a model of some sort.

In actual fact this man is Doug Bihlmaier, who works as an interior designer for all of the Ralph Lauren stores. 

This lady shocked me with her extravagant outfit choice, and wild colours. This made me very intrigued to see who she actually was, as i noticed a few things about her which I was not expecting to see. The first of which was that after closer examination, I realised that her clothes were in fact very expensive, the handbag looks as though it is a designer brand, and the fur coat looks like it is real fur which makes it very expensive and exclusive. Her choice of colours shows that she isn't bothered about what anyone thinks of her, and could also show her confidence in herself. These two things together helped me to come to the conclusion that she worked in or was involved in the design or production of high end clothing.

This woman is actually Anna Di Piaggi, an influential fashion writer who is famous for never being seen wearing the same outfit twice. The clothes she is wearing were most likely given to her by a high end designer as a kind of product placement/brand endorsement.

I found it hardest to find an opinion for this picture. Where the other two pictures are very over-the-top, this one shows a very average and normal looking man. His clothes look relatively average, he is sporting a well fitting blazer, jeans and some high end canvas shoes, possibly Converse. Also, he looks fairly well groomed and has assumed a very standard stance.

This man is in fact Calvin Klein, who created one of the most well known brands on earth. He is most famous for his jeans and underwear.

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